Although it is introduced as a newly discovered technique, we must say that it is not a newly discovered technique..This technique is in Korea in the ’90’s Dr.It has been found by Choi and his friend and has been developed and adapted to all hair types while initially carrying features for the hair type of the Asian race.

In our country since 2009,this technique has successfully used and introduced to many colleagues, including me, who share their knowledge and experiences, my dear colleague I’d like to mention Dr.Hakan Doğanay.

It’s not a technical extraction, it’s a implanting process.The hair grafts extracted by fue method are to be implanted with a special device like a pen without opening the channel to the recipient area.

The positive aspects of this sewing technique ;

  • Successful hair transplantation without shaving
  • Canal opening and graft transplantation is done at the same time with the pen tip.Because of this, tissue bleeding is less and there is no extra edema.
  • Less trauma can mean less oxidative stress and thus less damage to the hair follicle.
  • Allows more frequent implantation

The relatively negative sides of this technique ;

  • Because it is a slower and more troublesome sowing, the number of grafts that can be transplanted in one day is limited.
  • The procedure can take two or three days.( in the meantime, there are studies that do not recommend maximum hair grafting in a day. There are also studies that argue that the grafts of the implant are better for grafts survival in 2 or 3 consecutive days. )
  • Because it is a different technique, there is a small number of specially trained nurses who know this technique well.
  • Used implant pens and consumables are very expensive equipment .