Consultation : Your firs day, You meet your hair transplant doctor and nurses. Your physical exam and lab tests are taken. The ideal amount of hair graft is calculated for the receiver and donor area. Recommendations are made to the patient for the most natural appearance and than nd then you can go to your hotel. And than Our clinic dream city is located on the historical island of Istanbul so you can also take a sightseeing trip to the city
After Operation :
After 2-3 days the hair in the recipient and donor area is washed. The patient should be instructed to apply the softener epithelial creams before washing, and then to wash the patient properly with the sensitive shampoo.
The recipient and donor area after the operation can be completely natural in two weeks.

Thanks to the extraction and planting techniques we use, there is no trace after the process


We are honored to see you in our clinic in the heart of this historical and fairy city of Istanbul.