The problem of hair loss in women differs according to men.Measurement of endocrin, vitamin, mineral values is essential with blood tests to be done.If there is a problem with these measurements, the deficiencies should be replaced. If the measurements are normal, hair transplantation may be considered.Hair loss in women is also a feature of the hair follicles in the donor area can be reduced even if this can reduce the success of transplantation should be shared with the patient.Since the hair follicles are much more sensitive ,it is very important to take advantage of Stem Cell plasmas of the ozone CGF +CD34 stem cell as I mentioned in the protection of their liveliness and strengthening of the planted area.


In fact, both men and women who want to have hair transplantation is one of the biggest concerns before planting their hair to be in the case of short shave near zero.

If you are looking for a hair transplant surgeon,it is important to understand that hair transplant surgery is the most effective way to treat hair loss. Then, the hair in the region to be made October one by one pencil technique or channels are opened and October is done.The lack of baldness to require shaving of all of the hair gives us this opportunity ,the hair falling on the shaved area is easily camouflaged by the long hair.

This method will not apply in cases where the hairless area is wide and the maximum root intake is planned.

Hair transplantation with pen technique (Choi-implant Pen technique) without shaving:

In this technique, grafts are taken as in fue. Thanks to the pen technique used, it allows to make the stitches between the hairs which are rare due to the lack of opening of channels.

In a week or ten days, a very comfortable procedure will be performed with the fall of the shells.