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Stem Cell Haır Transplant
Since I have been working with stem cells and growth factors since 2007, I would like to emphasize the important contributions of hair transplantation as I see the positive results in many aesthetic applications.
I would talk about a method that plays an important role in the success of your hair follicles harvested from the FUE technique until they are transplanted and I have contributed to the development of it.

A significant contribution of this rich plasma is that it is given into the skin as if it were first water of planted seedlings .Besides of this, in the areas where frequent cultivation is done, it will also be a sign of success in ensuring optimal circulation.

Thanks to these additives, it is observed that shock spills are reduced and sown roots can reach the skin surface in shorter periods.

We create CGF +CD34 by adding Ozone into the PRP obtained from your blood and giving mechanical vibrations.So we don’t put any additional chemicals.Therefore, it is called autologous stem cell therapy .

The Autologous stem cell therapy increases the surviving duration, extraction , collection, implantation and after transplantation.

Your hair follicles are protected in this special plasma.In addition, this special plasma injection is given to your recipient area so that you can get the most ideal physiological conditions for the hair grafts.

The recepient area should be enreached by Autolog Growth Factors and +CD34 Stem Cell , in order to obtain the physiological conditions for the hair graft, in this way, the roots of the hair, they may return to the best form and can withstand this traumatic and oxidative process

Dr.Yavuz TUNÇ,MD,Medical Aesthetic
MEDiSiMA Aesthetic Polyclinique, Nişantaşı / İSTANBUL