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Spıder web aesthetıcs


Spider web aesthetics is a face lift without surgery, that is to revive and form without applying a surgical operation to the face. Disturbing fine lines formed in the facial lines over time, pits formed at the same time, adverse weather conditions, unhealthy food consumption and thin lines formed over time due to frequent weight loss and loss, also cause the cheeks and tickles to become more oval in gaining and losing weight. It happens. When you look at your annoying lines on your old photos, you will start to understand more clearly. At this point, the spider web aesthetic technique allows you to achieve a much flatter look by making corrections without any surgery on your facial features. In the application of spider web aesthetics, the system that has been used for years and whose system has not changed is as follows;

-Polidiaksanon threads and fine-tipped needles are used to place these threads under the skin. These medical threads, which have no side effects on the body, are processed into the skin’s lower tissue just like a spider web by means of thin needles. In this non-surgical procedure, also called rope face lift, there is no substance on your face that will leave any tissue loss or damage. Spider web aesthetics prices can vary depending on how damaged the face is. Basically, there is a mechanism that encourages the body to produce collagen again, instead of decreasing the amount of collagen. In addition, the needles that are scanned in detail in the problematic lines provide lifting effect and the body reacts instantly to biological fibroplast, collagen and elastin production.

In this way, the lifting effect is doubled. The skin is revitalized, recovered and stretched. Facial stretching with spider web technique is divided into different topics from other applications such as face-hanging or rope-stretching. Spider web Istanbul is one of the cities that are preferred frequently in aesthetics.


– Spider web aesthetics is good for wrinkles on the face.

Spider web aesthetics recover sagging facial contours

– Collects lower eyelid and sagging around it

Prevents loss of form around lips and mouth.

– Eliminates the chin underline and food.

Rejuvenates and renews the face.

Spider web aesthetics is a non-surgical procedure.