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Regeneratıve Aesthetıcs


In general terms, the processes that cause aging of the skin (sun, old age, stress, genetics, bad habits, etc.) cause dryness, dullness, pale, slow wrinkles, easy stains and eventually sagging.

Regeneratively, the logic of our aesthetic skin treatments is that the growth factors and extracellular matrix, which have the potential to heal and promote new tissue in our blood, initiate the repair, repair, regenerative process. The autologous approach means that it is done entirely from the blood of the person without any additive medication, and such treatments have become more and more interesting in recent years.

Regenerativ treatments are used for aesthetic purposes such as skin renewal, wrinkle removal, smoothing the skin, strengthening hair follicles, providing new hair formation, but also successfully used in locomotor diseases such as muscle, connective tissue and joint disorders.

For these purposes, we use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and growth factors (CGF), which are obtained from blood as well as several test tubes, enriched with ozone-oxygen, either alone or in combination with other aesthetic treatments.

Turkey and the world in medical aesthetics Regenerative therapies which the physician uses the first dr.yavuz BRONZE this purpose in 2007, the PRP to Ozone Since the PPP gel PPP gel + CGF, Ozone your CGF + CD34 Stem Cell ‘s skin renewal, tightening Umeda, plumps the skin Umeda It is successfully used in wrinkle, hair loss-hair growth-hair restoration treatments, spot treatments, acne treatments.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma is obtained by centrifuging several test tubes from your own blood. This plasma is filled with cells that contain powerful healing growth factors.

Usually a wound acts quickly when you have an injury, resulting in rapid healing. Naturally, when they are concentrated and injected directly into the desired treatment area, they trigger a series of healing events that promote new tissue growth.

CGF + CD34 Stem Cell (StemCell);

Concentrated Growth Factors obtained after the PRP production or with the help of specially developed centrifuges.


Fat tissue
Bone Marrow Mesenchymal stem cells
Umbilical cord blood or Wharton’s jelly

The youngest and healthiest source of stem cells in stem cell therapy is taken from umbilical cord blood.
Because the specialized stem cells here are younger, healthier and stronger.
However, this does not negate the fact that other stem cell extraction methods are successful.
In practice, however, the most practical option for the targeted therapy is preferred.

These donor stem cells are very powerful and unique, self-regenerating and creating new cells to replace diseased cells in your body.

Stopping hair loss, growing hair, increasing the success of hair transplantation
Skin rejuvenation (extracellular matrix reorganization)
Under-eye bruises, pits, skin wrinkles, volume loss in the skin
Irregular Stain and tone differences
Wide pores and active acne treatment
In scar scars, including acne pit scars.

If you want to reverse the signs of aging but avoid applying a foreign substance to your face, you can take advantage of Ozone-enriched PRP, CGF + CD34 Stem Cell treatment option obtained from your own blood.
Thanks to your excellular matrix strengthening on your skin, collagen and elastin increase again and the skin begins to make its own filling, hyaluronic acid, so that a younger and smoother-looking skin is aimed.


Depending on your age and skin age, it is possible to achieve the targeted results with a single treatment.
Generally, 2-3 sessions are the most common for aesthetic treatments,

You can make a short appointment with our doctor to see if regenerative therapy is the best option for you.