Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

During our 15 years of experiences which we have at the laser hair removal we trıed to make a resume of the most important needs of the patients; ( We have already ten answers )

1*  they wish to have a treetment without pain.(one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Diod Laser)

2* it is also required that beside being painless the treatment should not be  too cold. (one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Dıod Laser)
Notice; İf the Alexandrite System which has an advanced technology, the laser pulsings are being almost without pain.; this is why there is no need of increasing the cold in order to diminute the pain.

3* it is also required that the treatment should be hygienic .in order to obtain the hygienical , the laser handpiece shouldnt touch the skin.(The solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System.)

4* its being required the safely apply of the laser  hair removel  at all  skintypes . (one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Dıod Laser , NdYAG Laser System)

5* The client wishes  an epilatıon which is effective and  perminent.(one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Dıod Laser , NdYAG Laser System)

6* it is also highly required that the applies could be done during summer season. .(one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Dıod Laser , NdYAG Laser System)

7* Before  the laser application its preferable that the gel should not be used on the skin so that it could be more hygienic. .(one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System)

8*. The hairless  period  between the treatments should be  as long as possible ; for example 2 and half months(one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, NdYAG Laser System)

9*  One the important wishes of the clients is to be able to obtain fine hair  removal (one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Dıod Laser , NdYAG Laser System)

10* They wish to have a quick treatment. .(one of the solution is advanced  Alexandrite  Laser System, and  Rapid Pulsing Dıod Laser )

11*  The laser system  able to answer to the ten important expectatıons of the patients which are mentıoned above is the following; .( Advanced Alexandrite  Laser System)

As  at our Medisima Clinic we currently do have 3 different laser  hair removal systems , it is  out of questıon that we have the aim of advertising or making the  pubblication of any  of them .


The great news is now anyone who wants to feel sexy, smooth, and confident, or they suffer from some sort of medical condition such as PCOS or hirsutism can really benefit from this procedure.
Is Laser Hair Removal Better than Using Shaving or Waxing?
We all know that shaving your hair is quick and easy, but the results only last a few days.
While waxing can last longer, it’s not permanent and many people find the procedure painful. People who want to be hair free don’t want the bother of shaving or waxing every few days for the rest of their lives. They choose laser hair removal as it provides a more permanent solution and the plus is you end up with silky smooth skin.

Compare laser to the cost of waxing every few weeks for twenty or more years, you’ll discover laser hair removal is much more cost effective.

So, in addition to saving money, you’ll save time and effort – no more visits to a salon to get waxed or extra minutes in the mornings shaving your legs.

Laser is a more affordable and hassle-free solution that can offer permanent results.
Is Laser Safe?
Laser hair removal is very safe. The technology has improved vastly over the years, and laser practitioners undergo rigorous training before performing treatments on clients.
How Does the Procedure Work?
The laser fires a beam of light to the skin that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The temperature of the hair follicle is heated just enough to destroy the bulb attached to the hair follicle. To fully understand how laser works, you need to understand the three stages of hair growth.
1. Anagen Phase
When the hair is attached to the root. During this phase, the hair contains a lot of melanin. This is the perfect time for treatment because the laser needs to destroy the hair to achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth.

2. Catagen Phase
It is the transition phase.
This is when the hair stops growing and detaches itself from the root.

3. Telogen Phase
It is the resting phase.
During this period, the hair prepares itself for shedding.
The cycle then begins again, and the anagen hair starts to regrow.

It is important to understand that hairs in the catagen and telegon phases will not be permanently destroyed. Most clinics or salons recommend booking 6 to 12 sessions because at any given time your hair will be in a different growth stage. Laser technology does not work on white or grey hairs because the laser light cannot target light-coloured hairs.

Skin Types
The lasers we use at Medisima Laser Units are medical grade and used by medical practitioners worldwide. The machines work on all skin types and are very effective at permanently reducing hair growth.
Hair Removal Cost
The costs listed below are estimates. It is important you attend a free consultation. The laser technician will be able to confirm your hair type, body area to be treated, and your personal growth pattern and give you an accurate quote. The good news is that over the last few years the cost of laser treatments has dropped by as much as half.
How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal?
It really depends on what type of hair and what area of the body you are treating. If you have coarse , very thick hair, you will see an 90 % reduction in hair growth. Someone with fine hair will only see a reduction of approximately 60-70 %.
In our experience, permanent hair removal on the face is more effective for men than for women because women tend to grow new and more hair on their faces as they get older. This can be caused by changes in hormones, menopause, or medication.
but laser treatment on a  women’s bikini area, underarms, and legs usually produces a 95% permanent reduction.

Myths and Facts about Laser Hair Removal
Myths  X Facts
M- Hurts.
F- While some areas are more sensitive than others, most clients who have the procedure experience only a slight temporary stinging sensation from the laser.
M-The laser burns the skin.
F- Performed by fully trained professionals is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hairs without damage to the skin.
M- Harmful to internal organs.
F-The laser beam only targets the melanin in the hair shaft. Therefore, the beam does not reach any internal organs or emit any cancerous ultraviolet light.

M- Causes ingrown hairs and pimples.
F- Ingrown hairs are often the result of waxing, shaving,or epilating. Laser hair removal treatment can eliminate those ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and pimples because it destroys the hair and follicle.
M- Doesn’t provide lasting results.
F- While there’s no guarantee after laser hair removal, most people can stop shaving for years. Some may never need to shave again, and if your hair does grow back, it will be much finer and lighter in color. Either way, it is definitely better than shaving on a daily basis!
M- For optimum results, we recommend maintenance laser treatments every six months to a year to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.
F- You have to let your hair grow for a week before your appointment.
Actually, for the best results, you should shave just before your treatment session. If you do not shave beforehand, the laser technician may do it for you. Shaving allows more of the laser energy to target the hair follicle beneath the skin’s surface instead of the hair shaft above it. Please don’t wax, pluck, or bleach your hair prior to an appointment because doing so can make the laser ineffective.

M- Can Laser be Performed on the Full Body?
F- Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body. The most popular areas for women are the bikini, face, underarms, and legs. Most men choose to have their back, chest, and beard line treated.

Laser Hair Removal- Performed on the Full Body

When you arrive for a consultation, the laser technician will ensure you are a suitable candidate for laser.
They will review your medical background and ask about medications 
you may be taking that can affect the results of laser treatment.

Why Should Medisima Laser Clinic Be Your First Choice?
We Have Been in the Industry for Over 12 Years

We Use the Latest State-of-the-Art Technology
Our lasers are precise & painless, with light cooling agents built within the machine. Better technology also means treatment times are faster and more effective. You save time with procedures that are non-invasive and easier than ever. We have several lasers for different skin types such as Alexandrite Laser,Diod Laser,ND YAG Laser Hair removal for all skin colors.

It’s Less Expensive than You Think
Don’t let cost worry you. Laser treatment pricing has dropped in the last 2-3 years because of better technology and improved efficiency. We offer amazing packages for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Relief from Painful and Embarrassing Medical Conditions
We understand that looking better is not the only reason why many people choose to do laser hair removal. Many of our clients opt for laser it due to medical reasons. For example, they may suffer from excessive ingrown hairs, which can be both painful and embarrassing.We are aware of distressing and socially isolating medical conditions such as hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). These conditions affect women by causing excessive body and facial hair.Laser is a godsend for these people, as it helps them treat the unwanted hair growth caused by their medical condition. After the treatment, they can lead happier, more productive lives.

More Information on Laser Hair Removal, Right Here:
For those of you who like to go deep down to the depth of everything. Just in case, you want to know more than what we already told you, here are some quick links to some very comprehensive information – all that you may wish to know about Laser Hair Removal.
Suffering from Hirsutism? Laser Hair Removal is Here to Your Rescue!
Hirsutism is a condition, suffered by women that causes excessive hair growth in areas such as the chin, upper lip line and even the chest and breasts which are more usually associated with hair growth in men.
This problem affects approximately ten percent of women. It can be a distressing and socially isolating problem, perhaps due particularly to the association of facial hair growth with the opposite sex. It can also be psychologically damaging for women.
Signs and Symptoms
You will know you have Hirsutism as you will have excess hair growth on your face, chest and other areas of your body. The hair will usually be thicker and coarser than that of other women. Some women even have excess hair growth on their stomach, bum, back or even their legs.

The hair which grows on those bodies of those women with hirsutism is terminal hair, rather than vellous hair, which is the fine, downy hair which covers the whole bodies but which is barely visible.
Sufferers of hirsutism are also more likely to get acne and seborrhoea as a result of the skin producing too much sebum, its natural oil.
You will usually experience the symptoms at puberty and it will likely become more severe as you mature and age. It is an actual medical condition, and is not to be confused with the fact that all women have increased facial and bodily hair growth after the menopause, or that women of Indian or Mediterranean are also likely to have more of this hair growth than other women.
The condition is linked to male hormones, otherwise known as androgens. Every woman has some male hormones, but if you have hirsutism it is either because you have an excess of these androgens or that your hair follicles are particularly sensitive to their effect. It can also be hereditary, running in families.
It can also be caused by acromegaly, where a person has an excess of growth hormone in their body. It can also be a side-effect of taking steroids and certain treatments for endometriosis or epilepsy.
Of course, it’s without saying you should discuss your concerns with a doctor, especially if the hair growth is rapid or begins before puberty or if it suddenly worsens, because it can be confused with other conditions and mask other underlying health issues.
It is important to get yourself checked out for PCOS polycistic over syndrome ,the condition most commonly associated with increased androgen levels in women. This may also be the cause of acne, menstrual problems, weight gain and thinning hair on the head so those are symptoms to look out for.


Hirsutism can be difficult to treat and cure permanently, because it can be difficult to identify the underlying cause, although a specialist may advise surgery for polycystic ovaries or prescribe you medication for underlying causes.
For most women, dealing with idiopathic hirsutism is a matter of dealing with the symptoms: the excess of hair growing where you don’t want it to.
You can help yourself by losing weight, believe it or not, if you are obese, as larger woman may have increased androgen levels. So make sure you eat healthily and exercise regularly. That is good for all of us, anyway.
The remaining treatments are those that deal with hair removal. Shaving may not be the best idea. It may be easy but with hirsutism you may have to shave so often that you irritate your skin.
You also run the risk of having the unwanted hair looking thicker and darker as it grows back as the ends will be blunt. Stubble re-growth can also be really uncomfortable.
Plucking, waxing and threading all have a longer term effect, as the whole hair is taken out of the follicle, but that can be really painful. It can also, on rare occasions, cause scarring and the hair follicle can become infected.

Laser Hair Removal for hirsutism is the most effective treatment, with long-lasting results. Although laser is not 100% permanent, you will however, notice your hair becomes a lot thinner and finer after 12 sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart.