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Non-Surgıcal Eyelıd Aesthetıcs


The eyelids may lose their elasticity and creep over time and start to wrinkle and pile up, putting downward pressure and drooping to the degree that will even disrupt the angle of vision. This can be bothersome, affecting health and some other conditions, as well as aesthetic appearance. There are some solutions to prevent this sagging. Since many of these solutions require surgery, many people do not want to have these surgeries because they are afraid of scarring or other conditions.

Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics becomes important in such cases. Because it is a method that does not require surgery and is preferred by many people today, it also provides very efficient results. After obtaining efficient results from this solution, the customer density has started to increase. This customer density makes the operation of the eyelid aesthetic process more preferred.

In general, bagging and wrinkles due to the crowded feet of the eyelids and flat tissue weaknesses in the lower eyelids can be easily and safely treated with the plexr plasma technique.

Likewise, the solution it brings to the over-the-lip cigarette lines is remarkable. One of the biggest positive aspects of this treatment is that it does not cause any scarring. For this reason, people prefer quite a lot. If you want to have eyelid aesthetics without surgery, you must first make a definite decision for this.

Skin moles, moles, age spots, sun spots, freckles can be resolved with plexr plasma often in one session. The reason for achieving such a short time and easily is because of a completely quality study.

For details about this system, which offers non-ablative and non-surgical eyelid aesthetic treatment, please visit www.plexr.com.tr www.gmv.international.

PLEXR shows its effect by creating plasma energy. This is a unique patented technology and is far superior to lasers or radiofrequency cautery systems in the treatments used. As soon as the tip of the device head touches and provides the tissue, PLexr plasma energy arc stops and shows its effect without opening the ablation. the shell is formed during this time:

In this way, it prevents both unwanted heat transmission to all surrounding tissues and instant wound healing starts immediately thanks to the crust formed at that moment and medical dressing is not needed.

It is quite easy to understand the fraud of devices that mimic Plexr Plasma energy. As the metal tip in the head of the device touches the skin, the plasma arc-flame-energy cannot be formed, since this air gap does not remain in the atmosphere when the actual plasma energy contacts the arc. Even if the skin is contacted, they continue to transfer the energy to the skin because they do not have a remote relationship with plasma.

“Plexr Non Ablative Surgery” can be explained with three items:

First, the potential difference in the area between Plexr and the skin. Secondly, ionization of gases in the air (Formation of plasma). Third, sublimation of treated tissues (transition from solid to direct gas), without transmitting heat to other tissues.

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Blepharoplasty (Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics)
Tightening Under Eye and Around the Eye
Above Lip Lines
Face and Body Tightening
Spot Treatment
Tightening the Abdominal Region
Acne Treatment (active)
Fibrom, I, Wart, Keloid, Xanthelasma, Discheratoma Treatment
Removal Of Tattoos In Any Color
Correction of Scarring from Acne and Other Causes
Treatment of Dilated Periumbilical Lines
Stria (crack) Treatment