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HIFU Ultrasonıc face-neck lıft


It is short for High Intensed Focused Ultrasound. That means focused ultrasound at high intensity.


Ultrasound is an SES wave as it is known. It is widely used in ultrasonic imaging in medicine. When it advances technologically like imaging while passing the superficial and upper layers of the skin, it decreases to the full target depth (1.5 mm-3 mm-4.5 mm). By focusing intensely, the sound waves are converted into energy this time and intermittent point heat pulses are formed on a 3 cm straight line.

In this way, the tightening of the skin at a depth of 1.5mm and 3mm and the production of collagen and elastin are triggered by stimulating the extracellular matrix. Also, it is aimed to increase the face upward due to the shortening of the superficial lining layer (SMAS) on the skin where the skin rests on 4.5mm depth.

The simple explanation of this is that although there is no scar bruise on the skin, it is aimed to be able to create the desired thermal effect in the lower layers of the skin and thus to lift the skin and remove it from the smash layer. With this process, HIFU face lift and HIFU neck lift procedures and similar procedures are performed, which attract a lot of attention in the world of aesthetics.

The procedure is painless.
End around 1 hour.
One session is enough.
At the end of the session, it is possible to go to a special meal, even a TV shot, and with a much better tightened face.
Its effect lasts over 1 year.
The skin regains its moisture and natural fullness thanks to its structure, extrasellular matrix configuration and collagen and elastin increase.
In tightening of loosening skin.
In middle and lower facial skin sagging.
In stretching the eyebrows and temples.
In stretching the neck and décolleté.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) stimulates SMAS Layer and deep dermis area without any skin damage.

Focusing at 4.5mm depth by ultrasound, it looks like a 3cm line length immediate face lift effect on the SMAS layer, and the stimulated dermis promotes regeneration of elastic fibers.
The more bored, the better the lifting.

Ultraskin is the perfect solution for Skin lifting and Tightening.

Ultraskin2 brings a skin lifting and tightening effect to the SMAS (Superficial Muscle Aponeurotic System) layer of the general face without downtime.
Continuous Mode provides short treatment time with minimal skin damage.
Ultraskin procedure provides instant lifting effect by shrinking the SMAS layer.
The maximum effect usually occurs about 3 months after treatment when collagen modification begins.
Tightening in the face and neck.
Brow lift.
Raising the cheeks instead.
NASOLABIAL. (nose-to-mouth corner groove)
Fine wrinkles.
Submental region – V-shape V-shape of the jaw line.

Irradiation type High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Maximum energy 3J / ㎠ (0.1J / ㎠ Steps)
cartridge 4MHz: 4.5mm (Standard),
/ 7MHz: 3.0mm (Standard), 1.5mm (Optional)
length up to 30mm (1mm pitch)
range 0.7 to 3mm
dimensions 400 (W) x392 (D) x1120 (H) mm
weight 35kg