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As in all our services, prices in our hair transplantation prices can vary from person to person. Hair transplantation prices are some of our price determinants in the service we have been providing in our city for years;

Preferred hair transplant technique

FUT technique, which is a traditional technique, is cheaper than FUE technique since it is technically more difficult and challenging. In general, recovery time is shorter in FUE technique. For this reason, it is the technique preferred by most of our patients.

Number of grafts (skin part containing a certain number of hairs)

It is one of the most important points of price change. In general, hair transplantation prices You can find high quality hair transplantation centers in our city of Istanbul. Hair transplantation prices vary depending on how many grafts will be added according to your head structure. But in general;

FUE hair transplantation technique average 3.500-15.000₺
FUE hair transplantation technique with PRP average 3.500-16.500₺
Mega hair transplantation average 5,000-20,000₺
DHI hair transplantation average 12.000-25.000₺
Robotic hair transplantation average 12.000-25.000₺
Compaction planting average 3,000-15,000₺
It is around.

It is possible to have the quality of hair transplantation you want. . Medisima offers a professional hair transplant service upon your request, by recommending the most suitable technique for you.

With years of experience, it is a pleasure for us to ensure that you, our customers, get the image you want in a healthy way. If you want to have hair transplantation or get information about hair transplantation prices, you can get an appointment for examination by contacting us at our relevant phone numbers.

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