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haır growth

We all want to have lush and shiny hair, of course .However, 45% of men suffer from seriously hair problems due to aging and genetic reasons.It is important to slow down and stop the hair loss.Women also experience 30-40% different hair problems

Since I have been working with stem cells and growth factors since 2007, I would like to emphasize the important contributions of hair transplantation as I see the positive results in many aesthetic applications.
I would talk about a method that plays an important role in the success of your hair follicles harvested from the FUE technique until they are transplanted and that I have contributed to the development of it.

A significant contribution of this rich plasma is that it is given into the skin as if it were life water in the area where the hair follicles will be planted.Especially in the areas where frequent cultivation is done, it will also be a sign of success in ensuring optimal circulation.

We obtain your Growth Factors (Ozone plus PRP and CGF ) +CD34 StemCells from your own blood and use them to maintain the vitality of your hair grafts.

CGF and stem cells increases microcirculation in the hair follicles With its positive effects on dermal papillae, hair grows stronger and thicker.These treatments stop the pain at the bottom of the hair.

it is one of the most effective treatments to strengthen the hair roots for the hair.In order to achieve this, we use the growth factors and stem cells obtained from your own blood and apply them to your hair follicles.

After consultation with your doctor, the necessary laboratory tests are done.In light of these results, the treatment option becomes clear.Providing only vitamins or minarets will not be sufficient most of the time.Very important for healthy hair because the formation of signaling between cells, growth factors and stem cell support needs it.

Duration : CGF + PRP +CD34 preparation and operation takes 1 hour

After Operation : You can continue your daily life .Your hair can be washed the next day

Dr.Yavuz TUNÇ,MD,Medical Aesthetic
MEDiSiMA Aesthetic Polyclinique, Nişantaşı / İSTANBUL