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Golden needle


The most preferred way to eliminate wrinkles or skin marks in the most accurate way is the golden needle; it is a non-surgical procedure. The device transmits high frequency energy to the inner parts of the damaged skin, sends the frequency to the inner side of the skin in a controlled manner and stimulates the healing processes without interrupting the natural collage balance of the body. Golden needle, also known as frank radiofrequency, is a very effective treatment that can solve many problems on the skin. functional radiofrequency gives frequency to the lower and inner parts of the skin in a controlled manner. In the case of adding gold needles to the ends of the process, this ensures that the energy transmits by not only dispersing, disintegrating or damaging the upper natural surface of the skin, only by affecting the under skin and preventing excessive energy loss on the skin surface.

No flaking, peeling or crusting problems occur after the procedure. However, this situation may differ depending on the skin structure. Visible results can be obtained from the first session.


Prior to the procedure, the application area is disinfected with the help of clean cloths and an anesthetic cream is applied. The radiofrequency device with a gold needle attachment on the tip goes into a detailed scan on the skin. The device, which has many micro golden needles at the tip, is processed in detail on the skin. The golden needle comes in contact with the skin, making sudden entries and exits. In this way, it triggers the production of collagen and elastin in the lower collage area of ​​the skin without any damage or damage to the skin surface, removing unnecessary energy from the skin.

Thanks to the conductivity of the golden needles, energy is sent to the lower layer of the skin. After the procedure, slight, pinkish redness may occur on the skin. Although this situation is not permanent, it goes away within 1-2 hours. The patient can continue his life without any problem immediately after the golden needle application. The golden needle application is a very useful application for sagging, staining and acne formed over time. Please contact us for detailed information and opinions about the gold needle price.


-Gold needle is not a surgical application.

Visible results are obtained immediately from the first session.

Long-term persistence appears.

-It can be applied effectively on all skin types and colors.

Clinically successful, proven.

–A natural look is obtained with the golden needle.

After the procedure, the patient can return to life normally.