Eyebrow -Beard -Moustouch Transplant



Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows are important parts of facial expression for both men and women.Different reasons may be thinning. In particular, as a result of excessive eyebrow removal of women who are connected to trauma more than the eyebrows can not come out and very thin eyebrows are uncomfortable to have

After a good consultation, new eyebrow area modeling is performed.Nov such as transplantation with the FUE technique hair transplantation single hair roots taken from the nape that are the most subtle and should be preferred.Planting methods feature.

It takes 1-2 hours if there will be a procedure alone.

The process after transplantation is the same as hair transplantation.In a week, the eyebrows become natural.In two weeks, the donor area on the back of the neck becomes natural.

Hair transplantation can also be performed without shaving.Since there is no need for a large number of grafts that require hair to be reset, it can be done as a shave.


Beard / Mustache Transplantation

The lack of beard and moustache can cause psychological difficulties for men, as many cultures are accepted as an indicator of manhood. Even often the beard and moustache represent a strong expression for men, and sometimes the fashion flow has been.

A good consultation between the physician and the patient will be modeled on the area to be transplanted.As with FUE hair transplantation,hair taken from donor site by fue method is implanted in the recipient area.In this operation, hair transplantation requires different characteristics.According to the width of the region can be done without shaving transplantation.

Within a week, the recipient zone will recover.In two weeks, the donor area will recover completely.The appearance of new hairs starts in 3 months and 90% in 12 months. In 16 months, they’il all be out.