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Dr.Yavuz TUNÇ

He has been working in the field of Medical Aesthetics ,Regenerative Aesthetics ,Ozone treatments since 2005. To date, he has been able to work with his domestic and international colleagues in many applications .

He is capable of art such as painting and sculpture, which allows him to target beautiful and natural results.

Besides advanced fillers ,Botox and technological aesthetic methods, he is one of the pioneers of autologous regenerative treatments in the field of medical aesthetic.

In 2005, he started to use ozone therapy in aesthetic medicine..Based on a study published by Dr.V.Bocci ; Ozone has gained more growth factors with the addition to PRP and these Growth Factors .He has been started to renew skin,stain treatments, scar treatments since 2007. CGF collected from blood +CD34 stem cells for aesthetic treatments are much more developed.

Ozone CGF + CD34 StemCell applications in the field of medical aesthetic since 2007 is one of the first practitioners in the world

After the successful results obtained in the treatment of scarring skin with Ozone plus PRP and CGF, this application has played a major role in almost all skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatments.We know that to improve the success of hair transplantation necessarily physiological conditions are required.The extracted hair grafts must remain in the external environment for several hours until they are planted..During this time, it is very important to maintain the vitality of the hair follicle cells.It is equally important to ensure the physiological conditions of the receiving region.For all these reasons, the importance of ozone enriched PRP and CGF +CD34 stem cell plasmas is emphasized at every scientific meeting, and in the use of the routine, Dr. Hürriyet emphasized the importance of ozone enriched PRP and CGF + CD34 stem cell plasmas.Yavuz Tunç has made significant contributions.


Dr.Yavuz TUNÇ ,M.D
Medical Aesthetics / Ozonterapist/ Regenerative Aesthetics
Medikal Estetik Uygulama Sertifikası (TC Sağlık Bakanlığı 2005 / 1210) (T.C Ministry of Health )
European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies- European Diploma (2006,2007,2009,2011)

İzmir Atatürk Lisesi 1984 ( High School)
Ege Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi 1991 (Faculty of Medicine)
Mecburi Hiz. : Çankırı- Ilgaz 1994
Askerlik Hiz. : Malatya 1996
Kurum Hekimliği  2001
Medikal Estetik Hekimliği , Saç Ekimi (TC Sağlık Bakanlığı ) İzmir  2005
ARGEFAR Fitoterapi 1. Kurs Eğitimi Ege Üniv.Tıp-Eczacılık Fak. 2005
European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies W.shop 2006
Association Mesotherapy Medecine Esthetique (Dr.C.Bonnet)w.shop 2006
International Societies of Aesthetic Mesotherapy (Dr.L.Dewandre)course programme 2006
Dr.Jules MARTHAN , Monotematik w.shop -Lipolysis-Liposculpture  2006
MODER Medikal Ozon Oksijen Derneği Uygulamalı Eğitim  2006
ARGEFAR Fitoterapi 2 – 3. Kurs Eğitimi Ege Üniv. Tıp-Eczacılık Fak. 2006
Dr.Jules MARTHAN , Advanced Botox & Mesobotox & Fillers Technics   2006
1st National Mesoesthetic Congress   2006
Dr.Jules MARTHAN , Mesotherapy & Anti-aging Esthetique w.shop 2006
European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Congress   2006
Mezoestetik – Dr.Jules MARTHAN ,Dolgular ve Mezoterapi w.shop  2007
Sciton Profile Aesthetic Laser Systems Certificate of Proficiency     2007
İnternational İstanbul Aesthetic Days (Dr.Alberto Massirone)        2007
European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies W.shop   2007
Medikal Estetik Derneği Monotematik Mezoterapi Eğitimi 2008
Medikal Estetik Derneği Monotematik Lazer Tedavileri Eğitimi 2008
İstanbul AntiAging Society Congress  2008
Minimal İnvazif Cerrahi Uygulamalı Kursu EPCD 2008
İnternational İstanbul Aesthetic Days  2008
European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies W.shop  2009
İnternational Ozonetherapy Congress Dr.Velio BOCCI)  2009
ESLAS -ICOS Laser Europe & The 8th International Cosmetic Symposium 2009
TCT The Combination of Laser Treatments & Stem Cell & PRP & Fat Transfer System W.shop 2010
European Diploma (European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies)   2011
Ozonetherapy & Pain Thearapy in Chronic Inflammatory Joint Diseases (Dr.Ziad FAHMY )
Ozonetherapy and Posturology (Dr.Stefan TIRON, Dr.Micheal Schreiber)
SV Technologies AG Amalian Fillers W.shop  2011
Lutronic Clinical Laser Training Medical & Cosmetic Aplications 2011
Promoitalia The Flabby and Aging face ; New Approaches  2011
Metspharma Renaissance in Aesthetic Medicine (Dr.Anna Maria Forenza) 2012
İnternational Advanced Ozonetherapy & PRP Treatments (Dr.Velio BOCCI) 2012
Promoitalia Revitaline,Traylife,PRP- Hair Advanced System W.shop 2012
ASSOS Pharmaceuticals Radiesse Fillers 3D Facelift Aesthetic Aplications (Dr.Kate GOLDIE)  2012
Cosmoplus Laser and Antiaging Congress  2013
Mayaform PDO Thread Reandne V-Line W.shop (Dr.Lee Churl Won) 2013
ObvieLine Laboratory Perfecta W.shop withh Mezoklinik 2013
Mayaform Q-Switched,HIFU,Gold Threads Aplication W.shop 2014
MESTDER  New Aproaches for Facelifting ; Using of PDO Threads & Fillers W.shop 2015
Soft Surgery,GMV,Naturamed, PLEXR Non-invasive Surgery Training 1  (Dr.Guido Correale) 2015
Soft Surgery,GMV,Naturamed,PLEXR Non-İnvasive Surgery Training 2  (Dr.Guido Correale) 2015