Natural beauty is also the most beautiful thing.

It's like a little beauty mixed with some other ingredients .It's like a little salt in a secret that turns a dessert into a very different beauty.

You know , when we look at someone who is not handsome, even though she is not so beautiful, and the thing that affects us is the balance of the mixture that is formed by attraction.

The balance of this mixture is that it surrounds ,envelops and realises artificial beauty.
To disrupt the balance of this mixture ,even if it is in favor of beauty, disrupts the expression and the person becomes a different person in almost every different mimics.
So we shouldn't sacrifice nature for a little bit more extravagant and an artificial beauty.

Dr.Yavuz TUNÇ ,MD

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Exaggerated lips confuse expression

About non-surgical aesthetics

Our Philosophy

Our main principle that We focus at our aesthetical treatments ;

to obtain the natural beauty / handsomeness without exageration
We would only be able to mention the natural beauty when we reach a beauty / handsomeness according to the character,posture,temperament,social position and age .

It is meanless to try to beautify any part of the face or body being independant from those subjects mentioned above .

Because our aim of reestablishing the beauty of an humanbeing is not to create a person with completely delated rememberance and characteristic

Dr.Yavuz TUNÇ,MD

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